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Sri Lanka: Sight’s & Flavour’s Around Galle:

Our  holiday earlier last year to Galle, turned out to be an unplanned and delightful Culinary trail as it were to be. The dear hubs was travelling to Bentota, Sri Lanka and messaged me if I’d like to  join him in Colombo for a couple of days. Perhaps a quick getaway from there on was what was so needed.

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Peach Picking: Summer’s Delightful Fruits & A Recipe Or Two

Summer’s are just about the perfect time to head out to the Niagara region. While wine sipping and patio hopping are pretty much amongst fun activities to do, one of my favorite ways to spend time around this region is fruit picking. Fruit picking and vegetable farms are open through the summer across Ontario and…

Hello Summer

Sometimes Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication- Clare Boothe Luce Summer is the perfect time to pack in some fresh flavours and ingredients into your cooking. I love the flavours in these recipes as they are a great way to move over to lighter and brighter meals. It’s most certainly time for quick and easy cooking…

Eating My Way Through Toronto: Pan Asian Flavors & Hidden Gems Around the City

Toronto has a plethora of Pan asian joints ranging from Chinese takeouts, street foods, Ramen bars,Thai bistros, food trucks and fine dining fare serving up some great exotic cuisine.It has now become a serious foodie destination. Looking for quality asian restaurants could turn into quite a daunting task as each neighbourhood focuses on specific cuisine,…

Coriander-Walnut Pesto

Move over pine nuts and basil as fresh coriander and toasted walnuts blend together to make this wonderful and easy pesto. Traditional Pesto also called Pesto Alla Genovese originates in Genoa,Italy and consists of pine nuts, salt, basil leaves , minced garlic, Parmesan cheese and olive oil. Also quite strictly this pesto is pounded with…

Roasted Hasselback Butternut Squash

Our weekdays are fairly hectic with all of us working from home. Most mornings turn out to be busy with either my workshops or recipe trials for future ones. Yes busy is good, but then the family has to eat too! Easy lunch ideas are what I aim for most days without the monotonous repertoire…

Quinoa Burgers

Meatless Mondays just got even better with these ridiculously easy and delicious Quinoa Burgers. Yes I get it, I’m probably giving way too much importance to Quinoa of late. The fact is, I now substitute Quinoa for rice most often, and now hooked and a diehard Quinoa fan. As a result, I almost always have…

Potato & Quinoa Patties

  This fabulous vegetarian dish could be served as an appetizer, a side or even part of a main meal accompanied with a  garden fresh salad or roasted vegetables.Do bring it to your dinner table the next time around and I’m sure it will please even a staunch carnivorous dinner guest. Quinoa has come a…

Ful Medames: Egyptian Fava Bean Stew

“Beans have satisfied even the Pharaohs”…An Old Arabic quote   Happy New Year! This post has been long overdue, as we are well into January and apologies for wishing everyone so late. I do hope the New Year has begun on a healthier and hopeful note for everyone! It is the perfect opportunity to indeed…

Christmas Cake

  May Your Heart And Homes Be Filled With Every Joy And Gratitude The Season Brings Merry Christmas And Blessings For A Healthier New Year     Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. This year has been a tough and challenging one for all of us worldwide, being away from our families and dear ones and…

Baked Doughnuts with Chocolate Glaze

 “Between the optimist and the pessimist, the difference is droll. The optimist sees the doughnut; the pessimist the hole!”   Yes I admit that I’m insanely mad over chocolates and desserts and cake. But never have been much into doughnuts. While a chocolate glazed doughnut and a coffee is a match made in heaven for…


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