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Sri Lanka: Sight’s & Flavour’s Around Galle:

Our  holiday earlier last year to Galle, turned out to be an unplanned and delightful Culinary trail as it were to be. The dear hubs was travelling to Bentota, Sri Lanka and messaged me if I’d like to  join him in Colombo for a couple of days. Perhaps a quick getaway from there on was what was so needed.

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Fire Up The Grill:Louisiana Cajun Chicken

Summers are perfect for firing up the grill and this recipe for Louisiana Cajun Chicken works just perfect for a  Barbeque on the deck or even your stove top.This Cajun Chicken took center stage at dinner last week and got served up with a nice side of slaw and some Sriracha sauce to kick up the heat. The dark or charred look literally refers to a fabulous blend of spices that originated in Louisiana and traditionally grilled on a cast iron skillet where the chicken is seared under high heat. Under high temperatures the spices darken and give this wonderful  effect! The Cajun style of cooking uses many spices that makes their cuisine unbearably spicy and hot especially with the addition of pepper and liberal doses of chilli and paprika. Simple pantry essential spices and this could be dinner ready in less than 30 minutes! Go ahead and jazz up your weekday dinner with this easy to follow recipe along with make from scratch Cajun spice mix.This epic recipe  is sure to take your grilling …

Celebrating Summer: Sweet Mango Pickle

      Pickle making is undoubtedly an age old tradition in India.Commonly known as “Achar” and served as a condiment or an accompaniment while complementing every Indian meal,adding a sweet n spicy zest to the palette.

Happy Valentine’s Day: Gluten Free Waffles

    Happy Valentine’s Day! The Best Thing To Hold Onto In Life Is Each other…or so I woke up , wishing my dear husband earlier this morning. And while there was every temptation to reach out for some thing sugary and calorie laden for breakfast, I decided to go and make up with these wonderful Gluten free waffles!

Pumpkin Goodness: Recipes That Go Beyond Pie

Fall is in the air and there is no better place to experience it, than here in Toronto.There are various shades of tinted amber, brilliant yellow and bright orange everywhere. I sit by my window and look out with a heart filled with gratitude as I admire nature’s canvas, painted ahead of me. The air is crisp and the falling leaves now bid adieu to summer.

Beyond Poutine: Montreal Must Eats

The past few years have taken us to Montreal on several occasions. The very first visit was in seeing  the dear son off for his first year at McGill University. We have been there a couple of times since and of course the last visit a couple of weeks ago for his graduation. Each visit has been unique in exploring this city to its best.

Le Fromage: Of Wine & Cheese

  Le Fromage: Artisanal Cheese making In Nashik Nestled amongst the lush greenery in Nashik  ( Maharastra, India)and located in the backwaters of the Gangapur dam is Le Fromage. This is an artisanal cheese making facility owned and operated by a husband wife duo Mr Anil Pai & Mrs Alka Pai.

Goa In The Rains Is Magical

Travel It Makes You Speechless…Then Turns You Into A Storyteller..   Goa in the rains is just magical. The color green takes on a brilliant  hue and turns the lush landscape into a plush carpet.Coconut palms swaying in the breeze and the emerald green contrast of the rice  fields is a breathtaking sight indeed.


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