Challah Bread with Vanilla & Chia seeds



Mother’s hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever…

Happy Mother’s Day lovelies!


Challah watermark


It’s but natural I write this quote as it felt like just yesterday that my son was  really little and only five. How time has flow by and that little one is now eighteen and quite an  independent adult. He is down from university for the summer and yes it’s baking mania in my kitchen!

He’s away at a friends and I’ve been baking up a storm tonight. Started off with a batch of double fudge brownies and then was just aching to try this Challah recipe that keeps wanting to be made. I’ve adapted this one from my lovely Kitchenaid cookbook that I received, when I bought my food processor last year. Now the recipe calls for using the dough attachment for kneading ,all though I’ve just used the hand technique. The recipe called for vanilla pods which I’ve substituted with regular vanilla extract and have used chia seeds instead of poppy seeds. You may even use sesame or sunflower seeds if you like.

Challah: An easy and straight forward Jewish bread most often made during the festivities.The pure, simple, unadorned word challah means “a loaf of bread.The braided challah, which is made with eggs, is the Jewish Sabbath‑and‑holiday bread. Continue reading