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Salads and More

I have been looking at doing a Salad roundup on my blog for ever so long.Well here it is! These are an assortment of my absolute favourite ones. With ingredients like Beets,Olives,Cheese,Chicken,Corn and an assortment of Shredded Cabbage and yes Minced Chicken too,these recipes are sure to complement any dinner table. They  are an absolute delight served as  main course salads,that work great on  week-nights with grilled meats or fish or perhaps  just as is with some soup.Our family for one enjoy’s a good hearty salad with every meal.

Meat Rendang: To Indonesia and back

I love entertaining.The idea of a perfect weekend for me is inviting a bunch of friends and cooking for them.Last night we did just that.A lovely evening spent catching up with wonderful friends. I wanted to complement my thai chicken curry with a nice spicy red one.Have been wanting to try out the Indonesian Rendang for quite some time now.So decided to go ahead with it.Most recipes on the net called for the use of a ready rendang paste,which despite having looked around was not available here.I often don’t like to replicate a recipie.It’s great fun to actually play around with the ingredients and com up with a concoction of your own.That’s exactly what I did while making this wonderful Meat Rendang. Now my husband is from Goa and I’ve mastered the use of cooking with coconut in curries be it fish,meat or chicken..So I went along with a coconut curry paste that I would usually make for my Goan curries with of course the addition of the galangal,lemon grass and thai red chillies. My Own version …

Homestyle Meat Curry

I call this curry comfort food.This is really quite simple.Goat meat is generally to make this curry.However you could also  use lamb or beef. The key to a good curry is of course the quality of the spices used.Ideally one could freshly grind some cumin and coriander.However not always a practical thing to do and so the store-bought one is equally good. I like to make this basic curry in a large batch as it freezes well.One could always store them in smaller portions in the freezer.This is very handy for most meat,chicken and even a mixed vegetable curry.Accompanined with Rotis,Parathas or even rice…This one is a winner all the way. The other tip about cooking mutton is that you need to fry the mutton really well in the begining.After which you could use a pressure cooker.I like to cook this meat the slow cooker way.It takes a good 1-11/2 hours.The meat turns out really tender. Most often a meat curry would be boneless.I like to use some cuts with the bone in along with the boneless ones.This …