Muhammara: Roasted Red Bell Peppers & Walnut Dip


Smoky flavours of roasted Red bell peppers combined with a hint of Garlic,a burst of Lemon juice and Olive oil mingle together to make up this delightful Middle Eastern Meze. If your taste buds are sharp enough you will detect the coarse texture that is brought about by the addition of breadcrumbs and coarsely ground walnuts to this dip.Tracing its origins to Syria,this is now a popular accompaniment with most Levantine cuisine.

I’ve been shying away from making up this favourite dip of mine due to the lack of being able to source Pomegranate Molasses which I feel is an essential ingredient.I do believe the brilliant red tones and the tartness in a Muhamarra are certainly lent by the molasses.I’ve been impatient to make this and went along by substituting with some honey. Continue reading