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My Singapore Fling:Guest post for a dear friend Vineet

I say fling because I’m absolutely in love with Singapore.I could travel a million times over and yet discover something new everytime.Vibrant,colourful and sunny would best describe this favorite city of mine.

I so love exploring the small by lanes of China town and Little India.Always a pleasure to discover a hidden gem among these quaint and curious parts of the city.Small restaurants dot almost all parts of the city…amazing aromas of Singapore chilli crab,Char Kway Teow and simmering Dim Sum wafting through the air.Oh I’m craving for Dim Sum I said to my husband as soon as we got in.

Well today Im writing about our discovery of two of the most amazing Dim Sum places in Singapore.These were both recommend by a very dear friend Vineet,who is as crazy about food as I am…So on landing we headed straight to DIN TAI FUNG on Orchard street.It was around noon and boy was this place packed…Local Singaporeans along with tourists all huddled together relishing hot steaming Dim sum…

I even got a chance to talk to one of the chefs who was very painstakingly cutting and measuring each ball of dough with great precision.

He informed me that each ball of dough had to be  measure exactly the same before it was wrapped with the filling.


I tell you this was the best dim sum meal ever.We started with some cucumber relish in chilli oil,followed by the pork and shrimp dumplings and of course the Xiao Long Bao.Skipped the soup as wanted to indulge in the egg fried rice.Totally dim-summed..

I tell you this place nailed it for me.A trip to Din Tai Fung turned out to be well worth a number of visits..A delicious and satisfying meal.While leaving the restaurant I happened to notice a poster

that read Truffle Xiao Long Bao.That sure got my attention.I headed back to my chef friend and inquired about this strange combination.He went on to explain that this was a harmonious and delightful melange of the minced meat and truffle…A delicious pair indeed. Well worth a try on my next visit to Singapore.

But for now I feel satiated and must say excited.I wanted to get back home and try out my own version of these awesome dumplings.I thought of a healthier version using cabbage leaves…

Do stick around and look out for my own”MInced chicken in cabbage dumplings”

Cheers until then and hope you enjoyed my food stopover in dazzling Singapore


  1. Jayant says

    I was there too….the best trip ever….shy what about Singapore crab from Jumbo Seafood ! Love your blog 🙂

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