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Food Styling & Photography with Meeta K. Wolff -Dubai Day 1

Dubai recently played host to a  two-day Food styling & Photography workshop.This was held at the chic and gorgeous Miele Gallery and hosted by Meeta K .Wolff from What’s for lunch honey and Sally Prosser who blogs at My Custard pie.


I got really excited as soon as I read about it on Sally’s blog.I knew the time was right.I love to cook and of course photograph my food.However  I’d been toying with the idea of fine tuning my skills and what better way than to sign up for this fabulous workshop.I had missed out on the previous one and decided to go right ahead and sign up for this one.And yes that meant slipping away from school runs,my blogging and my food demos and immersing myself into something I so wanted to do.

Frankly I was a bit nervous.I’m quite the amateur photographer.I wasn’t quite sure what to expect..Would everyone else be way too experienced,what if I just can’t get good clicks etc etc.Of course all my fears eased away as soon as I met Sally & Meeta.Such friendly and cheerful ladies radiating wonderful positive energies.

And so began Day one at the workshop.We started off with a casual Meet & Greet with  the fellow participants.A lovely bunch.Was great to meet with some of the fellow bloggers Minna H and Sandy Dang from the Fooderati Arabia gang.

Needless to say anything related to Food has to begin and end with food right? So we started our morning with a wonderful Scandinavian Brunch courtesy Chef Russell Impiazzi of Lafayette Gourmet..Such a delicious spread.

Swedish Bfast

Brunch also turned into a good photo opportunity for all of us.Never want to miss that.Well then camera in one hand,munching onto the lovely spread,stopping for a sip of coffee,mingling with the others,each of us brimming with excitement to be at this amazing event.

Soon after coffee and the social tete-a tete,Meeta got us all engrossed into an Introduction into her magical world of Food Photography.She shared with us some in valuable tips on the importance of Light,Best Angles for good food shots,use of Props etc.

The afternoon was well spent on practical assignments going over Meeta’s discussion.

“You all have a surprise waiting at Atlantis” is what Meeta & Sally excitedly informed us.  Well Atlantis here we come.This was our venue for the evening.The focus being a series of food photography assignments.

We all then gathered in the lobby and waited patiently for the surprise…And of what a surprise it was…A meetting with Giorgio Locatelli @ Ronda Locatelli. Absolutely delightful evening spent with him.Recollecting on his childhood memories he then went onto enthusiastically discussing  White Truffle and how the season had just begun.We got to sample some divine Scrambled eggs,A delicious Pizza and a lovely Risotto with white truffle.Such a wonderful evening and a great surprise indeed.


Our next stop for the evening was Asia Republic. a wonderful Pan Asian place at the Atlantis.This place seemed rather small yet it served up a storm for us.We started off with a generous variety of dumplings some Siew Mai,Gyozas,Char Siew Bao’s.Absolutely delicious…



Asia republic

And it seemed that there was more to come…Next we sampled some Vietnamese beef soup which was simply fantastic.Followed by some lovely Pad Thai and a wholesome Laksa.



Nestled behind the Nobu restaurant are the lovely Nobu gardens.Quite simple and beautiful.We took a walk around and saw some garden boxes potted with a variety of fresh herbs.It was a good to know that restaurants in Dubai do encourage use of local produce.



A foodie can never have enough FOOOOOOD.Just when one imagined that the day would end here….We now move to Saffron for a true international experience.This place had a multitude of stations serving Sushi,Thai & Asian cuisine,Mongolian bbq and a large Indian menu as well.Not to forget a mammoth display of desserts….an assortments of tarts,cakes,macaroons and more.

Having indulged quite a bit I decided that all I really needed was some sugar now….


And our foodie sojourn comes to an end here.Well atleast Day 1.

All in all an exciting and eventful day…

Day 2 details to follow in my next blog post

I do hope you have enjoyed my journey…Untill I write again.


  1. Thanks very much Sally…now need to put all that into action…Hopefully 2013 will get me more active with my food photography and my blog…was lovely meeting you and Meeta as well:))

  2. Even after all this time it’s great to read the recap Shy! It was a lovely 2 days and I loved meeting you. Great images and look forward to keeping up with your blog!

    • Thanks very much Meeta…Was wonderful meeting you and really enjoyed the food styling workshop with you…Look forward to seeing you in Dubai again:))

  3. All that delicious food we got to photograph on the workshop, a fun filled two days and it was also nice to meet you Shy! Now I am hungry! 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Moyra…Yes indeed was a wonderful 2 day…Great to have met you as well…Your blog looks great too…

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