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My Journey with Food…

What can I say….A passion for cooking and being surrounded by foodies all my life led me to get this blog started.

My earliest memories of cooking always centered around mama’s kitchen. She’s a wonderful cook and an inspiration. Endless  summer afternoons spent  helping her bake loaves, cakes and cutting out doughnuts….I can still get a whiff of her fudge making….helping her throw in the walnuts and hearing her say “Just a minute it’s not done yet” and then of course licking the spoon after spreading the mix on the pan. Such wonderful memories.

My husband too absolutely loves to experiment in the kitchen…I have learnt the art of cooking patiently from him. Invaluable lessons in cooking learnt from my Mother in law who taught me the basics of a good Curry. Simple but wholesome recipes..mastered to the art of perfection…secrets handed down from generation to generation…

My son who is a fussy eater but loves good food….What’s for dinner Ma” Those four words we all hear as parents…and that I must say inspires me to cook good healthy and interesting meals..

And not forgetting all my wonderful foodie friends that share the love for good food either helping me in the kitchen while making it or around the dining table while enjoying it.

So come on over to my kitchen and join me in this adventure of cooking, eating and writing about food.

To Food, Family,Friends and Laughter Always!

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