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Warm Beetroot & Feta Salad on Parmesan Crisps

  Aaah, summer – that long anticipated stretch of lazy, lingering days, free of responsibility and rife with possibility. It’s a time to hunt for insects, master handstands, practice swimming strokes, conquer trees, explore nooks and crannies, and make new friends… Darell Hammond     It’s been over five months having  moved to Mumbai. Time sure flies! Also we are facing the onslaught of a very hot Indian summer,something one had all forgotten about. Well yes we’ve lived in the Middle east for over 15 years,but some how never bore the brunt of it. I guess the luxury  of being in  air-conditioned comforts all the time made a huge difference. I find myself being outdoors a lot more here in Mumbai with either making quick runs to the fabulous fruit and vegetable markets in the neighbourhood, or a stroll on the beach or just walking from point to point.

Green Papaya and Mango Salad

Som Tam or more popularly know as the Thai green papaya salad is the perfect accompaniment with any Thai meal.Now while one is spoiled for choice with amazing Thai joints here in Dubai,I absolutely love putting together a simple thai meal at home. Last weekend we were having a pot luck dinner.I decided to make a Thai green curry with sticky Jasmine rice and this wonderful Green papaya salad.I for one am a big fan of this salad. Tips on selecting the papaya: Do select a green and un ripe papaya for this salad.You do want the flesh to be firm and white as possible. Grating the papaya is the easy way out.however I like to use a slightly different technique as I like a nice bite to this salad. Use a peeler and remove the outer green skin.Slice  a thin layer off the inner white flesh.Have a couple of such layers ready.Now place all these layers on top of each other.Cut them in fine slivers-more at an angle. I just love the sweet and spicy flavours in this salad.The …

Q is for Quinoa

I’ve heard about it.My friends talk about it.I’ve read umpteen reviews,blogs and recipes on the benefits of it…bought it,stored it,gave it away and forgot all about it until last week,I saw it  while shopping for my groceries.So this time I decided I must cook it.The results were a fresh,satisfying and a delicious salad. Now you are probably wondering what all this fuss is about.Well its time for my kitchen to say hello to this wonderful grain called Quinoa(to be pronounced “Keen-wa”).I have to correct myself here it’s rightly classified as a seed and not really a grain.Quinon is gluten-free and power packed with goodies.High in fibre,loaded with vitamins and popular with vegetarians.You could use Quinoa in salads,casseroles and soups. I’ve put together this simple and delicious salad here.It light and healthy.I’ve used fresh chopped tomatoes,chopped avocados,black olives and cucumbers.Feel free and add your favourite vegetables as well. As I’ve said before turning to healthy choices is always an option.I’ve contemplating way too long on cooking Quinoa.We had this on the side with some steamed fish the other night.And …