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Pumpkin Goodness: Recipes That Go Beyond Pie

Fall is in the air and there is no better place to experience it, than here in Toronto.There are various shades of tinted amber, brilliant yellow and bright orange everywhere. I sit by my window and look out with a heart filled with gratitude as I admire nature’s canvas, painted ahead of me. The air is crisp and the falling leaves now bid adieu to summer.

Pea & Potato Soup with a hint of Rosemary

Monday morning’s leave me somewhat overwhelmed with the fact that the over indulgent weekend just whizzed past with either endless food trial’s in my kitchen, social engagements that are food centric or family lunches that are best spent around  a table full of flavours. My Monday’s are perhaps what Sunday are to most people. I tend to take it easy and wind down after a hectic weekend. It’s the start of my weekly planning of menu’s for home cooked meals or perhaps listing down recipes that I may need to shoot for my YouTube videos ( You may like to take a peek into the recipes I do here) or even prepping up for an exciting new blog post.That’s pretty much been my morning today.I also like to go easy on my own lunch and prefer to a light and easy meal.It’s a great way to detox and load up on some healthy goodness .All  though I’m quite the cautious eater and constantly monitor my calorie’s,it’s the weekend’s where I do indulge and loose track,almost as …

Kale & Roasted Sweet Potato Soup

KALE: A wonderful vegetable belonging to the cruciferous family. Let me quite honest I’ve never really cooked with kale. I do know friends use a lot of it in casseroles, stir fry’s and so on. I’ve just never thought of it all. Well that’s until a few weeks ago when I visited The Farmer’s market on the Terrace by the Emirate’s Towers in Dubai. This is indeed a fabulous initiative to promote locally grown produce in the UAE. These markets are fairly active during the winter month’s as this is typically the growing season in this region. On arriving one Friday morning  I was delighted to see various vendors lined up. Each of them with a wonderful and heart warming display of assorted fruits and vegetable. Lovely fresh strawberries, organic carrots, spinach, a selection of free range eggs. That’s when I spotted some fresh kale. I thought why not experiment with some and bought a whole bunch home. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it and thought why not try a simple soup. I’m …