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The Gnocchi gods must be smiling upon me: Potato Gnocchi with Garlic and Parsley

There’s a good reason when I say that the Gnocchi gods must be smiling upon me. There have been relentless attempts  at making a Potato Gnocchi in my kitchen. The compulsive behavior stemmed from a love for a good Gnocchi and numerous rounds of disasters ranging from a magnitude of 7.5 to 9 on the Gnocchi Richter scale. The first time around the potatoes were over cooked. The next time I just decided to mash them with a fork ,didn’t bother with  potato ricer  (despite having bought  one just for the Gnocchi making event) and had a lumpy mess. There were the eggless recipes which fell apart and  went straight into the trash can…and the list went on, too dense, undercooked, hard and so and so forth.

Olive Foccacia-Hot off the oven

Dear son’s request for dinner tonite was some cheese Ravioli(store-bought).I haven’t yet tried my hand at making fresh pasta from scratch.One day,some day is what I keep saying.Certainly on my “to try out”list though.I thought a nice garden salad with some black olives would go well with the pasta.Actually I saw a fair amount of the olives and wondered if it was that time of the year again to get down some bread baking. I love baking this Olive foccacia and its been awhile since I made it.One of the best breads you could possibly eat.This one’s a family favorite.You could always play around with the ingredients and use some variations: Sun dried tomatoes and herbs Garlic and Rosemary Green olives and garlic I personally love black olives…so Olive foccacia it is.If you do use garlic please be careful with the amount you use and it can make the bread pretty pungent.Olive paste is a good alternative,however fresh olives just gives it a wonderful fresh flavour. This post is actually dedicated to a very dear friend Rohini.Thanks Ro …

Q is for Quinoa

I’ve heard about it.My friends talk about it.I’ve read umpteen reviews,blogs and recipes on the benefits of it…bought it,stored it,gave it away and forgot all about it until last week,I saw it  while shopping for my groceries.So this time I decided I must cook it.The results were a fresh,satisfying and a delicious salad. Now you are probably wondering what all this fuss is about.Well its time for my kitchen to say hello to this wonderful grain called Quinoa(to be pronounced “Keen-wa”).I have to correct myself here it’s rightly classified as a seed and not really a grain.Quinon is gluten-free and power packed with goodies.High in fibre,loaded with vitamins and popular with vegetarians.You could use Quinoa in salads,casseroles and soups. I’ve put together this simple and delicious salad here.It light and healthy.I’ve used fresh chopped tomatoes,chopped avocados,black olives and cucumbers.Feel free and add your favourite vegetables as well. As I’ve said before turning to healthy choices is always an option.I’ve contemplating way too long on cooking Quinoa.We had this on the side with some steamed fish the other night.And …

Rucola with Warm Goat Cheese Salad

I discovered Rucola and must say it was love at first taste.Such a burst of wonderful flavours…Aromatic,nutty almost bitter and peppery at times. And so I decided I must grown a whole bunch this winter.Quite a hardy plant.You could just sow the seeds in a row…They do best in spring to summer.Grown best under filtered sunlight compared to direct as the sun in UAE could be really strong. This plant sure grows fast and in no time I tons of it for “Many a salad days” Last night I paired this lovely salad with some pan seared Goats Cheese and dressed it with a balsamic vinaigerette.You could add Cherry tomatoes( I choose just regular ones),black olives,capers….I l like to keep the flavours simple as the Rucola in itself is pretty powerful. This delightful salad can be served along  with a Pasta or even some grilled chicken. Another great dressing if you like is a nice one with honey and some Dijon Mustard…This would add some more kick to the already hot Rucola…also known as Rocket or Arugula.I love to add …

Baba Ghanoush

This is a wonderful dish made from grilled eggplants.It has a strong smoky flavour especially if the eggplants have been grilled on a charcoal barbecue. I often serve this a dip with toasted pita bread.However it could also be used as side dish or even a salad if topped with more garnishing. INGREDIENTS: 2 Medium eggplants 50 ml tahina(store-bought) 25 ml lemon juice 2 cloves garlic(minced) 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 teaspoon pomegranate seeds chopped parsley chopped tomatoes sprinkling of cumin powder sprinkling of paprika salt to taste