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Baked Doughnuts with Chocolate Glaze

 “Between the optimist and the pessimist, the difference is droll. The optimist sees the doughnut; the pessimist the hole!”   Yes I admit that I’m insanely mad over chocolates and desserts and cake. But never have been much into doughnuts. While a chocolate glazed doughnut and a coffee is a match made in heaven for most, It has  never grabbed my fancy.Perhaps a Cruller with a coffee once in away at a Krispy Kreme or  the neighbourhood Timmy’s and that was as much I would indulge in them. Just the thought of a fried dessert was good enough to put me off. However I’ve  often toyed with the idea of making some up for the family as my son, now a young adult loves doughnuts! My mum would make the fried mini ones when we were kids and sure I could borrow her recipe.But again her recipe called for the deep-fried version.Mind you we loved the ones she made for as kids. Why cant one bake them instead, is something I’ve often wondered?

Diwali: A Festival Of Lights And Sweet Treats

    Diwali: The Festival of Lights is a five day celebration amongst Indians and also marks the onset of a New year in accordance with the Hindu calender. It is celebrated with much gaiety and grandeur.It is aptly called so,as celebrations are marked with fireworks and lighting of lamps called “Diyas”, signifying the triumph of good over evil and ushering prosperity, success and good cheer into one’s homes. Worship ceremonies include that of praying to Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, making of sweets and savories, visiting family and friends with gifts and partaking in indulgent feasts.These can be quite extravagant, with the table filled with special dishes and  desserts.A true celebration of fun, frolic and sweet treats! This year however ,our  Diwali celebrations in Toronto have been quite subdued due to the challenging times we are living in.Our family had a quite celebration at home with a few sweet treats that I managed to make up, and wished our family and friends virtually.   “Gratitude Is The Healthiest Of All Human Emotions. The More …

Easy Cornbread & Chili

  A good hot and spicy chili and cornbread pair really well and is such a hearty and comforting meal right? Perfect for fall when the weather seems colder, and all one wants is some comfort food to warm up the soul and fire up the taste buds. It’s the kind of meal one can cozy upto on a cold evening perhaps even cozier than one’s blanket! I have attempted baking cornbread earlier and not quite satisfied with the results ,choose to research some recipes for awhile, when I came across this one on Serious Eats. I quite liked the fact that it’s unsweetened and it called for  pantry staple ingredients to work with.While traditionally cornbread is made in a greased cast iron skillet with a lid, I choose to bake mine in a pyrex dish and it worked just fine.   Having Baked Cornbread For A Few Times Now Here Are Some Baking Tips: Use a good quality cornmeal (Bob’s Red Mill Organic Cornmeal works great in this recipe) Try not using a hand …

Kale Chips

    Imagine eating a packet of crisps without the guilt? Now I’m not talking about the potato ones,all though I must admit I’m insanely crazy about potato chips. Of course a healthier option is always welcome with everyone on a diet of sorts. I’ve been cooking with Kale for awhile in my kitchen.Well the family has been served a Kale soup on various occasions,sautéed Kale and yes even Kale juice. However the crisps are something I’d been shying away from,primarily from the fact that I just didn’t imagine they would turn out crisp enough. Every year, November 1st is celebrated as World Vegan Day.Well that’s what I did yesterday,finally braved the idea of experimenting with baking up some Kale crisps. I woke to a gorgeous bunch of curly Kale that I had picked up at the last of the farmer’s markets around our neighbourhood here in Toronto. Not soup please, hollered my son,who has been pottering around the kitchen wondering what I’m planning to rustle up for him.Why not try out some Kale crisps …

Potato Gnocchi

  There’s a good reason when I say that the Gnocchi gods must be smiling upon me, as there have been relentless attempts  at making a Potato Gnocchi  in my kitchen. The compulsive behavior stemmed from a love for a good Gnocchi and numerous rounds of disasters ranging from a magnitude of 7.5 to 9 on the Gnocchi Richter scale. The first time around the potatoes were over cooked. The next time I just decided to mash them with a fork ,didn’t bother with  potato ricer  (despite having bought  one just for the Gnocchi making event) and had a lumpy mess. Then there were the eggless recipes which fell apart and went straight into the trash can and the list went on,too dense, undercooked, hard and so and so forth.