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Quinoa Burgers

Meatless Mondays just got even better with these ridiculously easy and delicious Quinoa Burgers. Yes I get it, I’m probably giving way too much importance to Quinoa of late. The fact is, I now substitute Quinoa for rice most often, and now hooked and a diehard Quinoa fan. As a result, I almost always have leftover Quinoa in the refrigerator and looking for creative ways of using it before it heads to the bin. Leftovers always make for interesting innovations in my kitchen and the Quinoa quite often gets turned into a spicy Curried Quinoa or Potato Quinoa Patties. The burgers worked out very flavourful and packed with clean  and wholesome ingredients. Last week I gave the Quinoa Burgers a try and they sure turned out great. Best part is they freeze well too for the weeks ahead when you need a vegetarian fix. Of late I seem to be going Vegan almost three to four times a week and quite enjoying it. Well, I do cook Meat and chicken for the family, however quite …

Ottolenghi Inspired:Oven Roasted Carrots, Grilled Halloumi & Tahini Sauce

      I have often flirted around  with the idea of attempting to start a cookbook club of sorts ,whereby one can discuss and review various cookbooks, share ones passion for cooking and baking or just attempt a Cook -The-Book by picking a  recipe  every month. Whilst I’m still a part of various online clubs and do join in when ever time permits.

Pan Seared Wasabi Fish with Pea Puree

Here is another quick dinner idea for you. We all look for easy to put together meals where you would rather spend more time with your family than in the kitchen. I have been cooking fish a lot more these days. This easy recipe for a pan seared fish is great dinner option when time is short and yet one would like to put a nutritious and healthy meal together. I’ve used a fillet of John Dory that I found locally here in Mumbai. However you may substitute it with any other firm white fish if you like. This pairs really well with the pureed peas and the mint Labaneh. I’ve tried to recreate a fusion of Asian flavors with a mild middle eastern twist and it was well appreciated by everyone. The refreshing Mint Labaneh balances off the creamy texture of the Pea Puree really well. I’d like to call this my weeknight wonder as it gets done under Thirty  minutes and tastes great too. For The Fish: Ingredients: 4 Fish Fillets ( John Dory,Cod or Basa) …