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Moong Dal Chilla- (Savory Yellow Lentil Pancakes)

      Indian breakfast’s tend be an elaborate affair that include a staggering variety of preparations. Quite honestly there really isn’t one standard fare, given the fact that there are several regional fares with each contributing to an array of hearty and scrumptious breakfast ideas. Each of these portray an incredible cultural diversity seen via food habits followed by different regions. For instance Northern Indian breakfast would have a variety of Parathas,Aloo puri, Poha,Chole bhature,Paneer toast etc where as Dosa’s, Idli, Wadas and Upma’s form an integral part of mainstay breakfast options in the southern parts of India. Having lived a large part of my childhood in Mumbai and raised by parents of Hindu- Catholic decent, our food habits seem to have nuances that have a bit of both sides incorporated into our lifestyles. Having now lived away from India for over two and a half decades, my palette often craves for flavours that I grew up with and my Canadian kitchen here in Toronto recreates several recipes that are deeply rooted in our …

Zucchini Noodles: Loving My Spiralizer

All right I may as well admit it.I’m an absolute and out right gadget freak.More specifically a Kitchen gadget freak.Travelling does that some how.An incessent and obsessive need to browse through home and kitchen stores,walk down endless aisles of supermarkets,on the look out for some kitchen gadget or house ware that would make cooking a lot more interesting.That, I do not have any more shelf space  is another story all together.Amongst the stuff that I’ve been amassing over the years are hordes of  Bakeware, Cookware,Gizmos and  various other kitchen memorabilia collected over numerous travels ,making the insides of my pantry  resemble a well stocked Kitchen-ware store.No,I’m not complaining,just overjoyed at my stash.After all having the right equipment makes all the difference.