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Potato Gnocchi

  There’s a good reason when I say that the Gnocchi gods must be smiling upon me, as there have been relentless attempts  at making a Potato Gnocchi  in my kitchen. The compulsive behavior stemmed from a love for a good Gnocchi and numerous rounds of disasters ranging from a magnitude of 7.5 to 9 on the Gnocchi Richter scale. The first time around the potatoes were over cooked. The next time I just decided to mash them with a fork ,didn’t bother with  potato ricer  (despite having bought  one just for the Gnocchi making event) and had a lumpy mess. Then there were the eggless recipes which fell apart and went straight into the trash can and the list went on,too dense, undercooked, hard and so and so forth.

Beetroot Risotto: A humble attempt at my Restaurant Favourite

My nephew celebrated his 21st Birthday at Cafe Zoe,in Mumbai a couple of weeks ago.The entire family was invited to a sit down lunch.Cafe Zoe is a cosy resto downtown and serves up a great European fare.It’s amongst my favorite places for lunch,more so as they make an absolutely beautiful Beetroot Risotto.My sister who hosted the lunch was keen that the menu be planned up ahead so as to avoid any confusion, as we were a large group.Grilled Fish in almond butter and Capers,Beef Tenderloin,Roasted chicken with pink peppercorns and Beet Risotto were our choice of mains.I was ever so happy see the Risotto feature on the menu and settled for just that. So well, let’s say I’ve had  Risotto making on my mind since the lunch and have been reading some great blog posts and recipes too.I had promised the dear son that I would make some for his lunch this afternoon.Now I do  make a fairly decent one with Mushrooms and quite happy the way it turns out.I was just looking at a …

Zucchini Noodles: Loving My Spiralizer

All right I may as well admit it.I’m an absolute and out right gadget freak.More specifically a Kitchen gadget freak.Travelling does that some how.An incessent and obsessive need to browse through home and kitchen stores,walk down endless aisles of supermarkets,on the look out for some kitchen gadget or house ware that would make cooking a lot more interesting.That, I do not have any more shelf space  is another story all together.Amongst the stuff that I’ve been amassing over the years are hordes of  Bakeware, Cookware,Gizmos and  various other kitchen memorabilia collected over numerous travels ,making the insides of my pantry  resemble a well stocked Kitchen-ware store.No,I’m not complaining,just overjoyed at my stash.After all having the right equipment makes all the difference.

Dinner Tonight or Lunch Tomorrow?

On most weeknights I find myself frantically scurrying around the kitchen in order to put a healthy, flavorful yet simple meal on the table. This is especially so when I’ve had a series of cooking workshops through the day and insufficient left over for dinner. I term these as “Fright nights”! Let’s face it we all have these nights. Well here is a great recipe for Spaghetti And Meatballs,pretty much a fuss free one to put together. I received a coupon from OBE  Organic Halal, the Australian Organic meat wholesalers of free range,organic and grass fed export beef. OBE Organic is 100% owned and operated by Australian organic farmers who are committed to the provision of high quality organic food products and the highest possible standard of food safety for the families of the world.Their meat products are available at Carrefour supermarkets in UAE.The OBE Organic group was founded in the early 1990s by a far-sighted group of Australian pastoral families which are continuing century-old family traditions. Today, OBE Organic is the world’s oldest, largest and most trustworthy …